About Us

Miette is in the historic Lower Garden District of New Orleans, 10 minutes from the French Quarter – easily accessible via car, bus or cab. Street parking available right outside of store and lots of other fun shops and business to visit on the same block.


Miette means crumb or a tiny piece in French. In rural Louisiana, it’s a common Cajun term of endearment for a niece or little sister. It's also the name of Angela Jackson’s cute though slightly odd Magazine Street boutique.


Usually when people ask Angela to describe her store, she doesn’t answer. “Or I tell them it’s like the rabbit hole to Wonderland: a labyrinth of things to love foreveran aspiring House on the Rock, but buyable,” says Angela. “I buy things that I think someone else will take home and love forever. The store itself is a Velveteen Rabbit of sorts,” she laughs, referencing the story of a stuffed rabbit that becomes real through the love of its owner.


Angela believes a New Orleans business should be as unique as this city itself. As such, Miette is less like your typical Magazine St. clothing and accessories boutique, and more like a home museum with a feminine flair. “Watership Down is my favorite cartoon, so you will find little Easter eggs around the store from the movie--though few people ever notice that,” says Angela, whose personal touch borders on the extreme. “There have been several times I've talked people out of buying things,” she admits, “because I haven't spent enough time with it. I might make them wait…”


More than anything, Miette is a temple to Angela’s many New Orleans artist friends. Post-Katrina, Angela, who made and sold her own resin jewelry out of glitter and candy and stickers, invited some of her flood-displaced friends to send her their own original arts and crafts to sell alongside her own. One friend used the money from the sale of their handmade stuffed velvet animals to return to New Orleans to visit family.


And soon, Angela had her very own, very unique, shop. Miette currently hosts over 200 indy artists in what Angela calls “my little secret garden.”


“It's a really lovely thing to just listen to people walk around and talk about things in my store,” says the shopkeep and “fairy craftmother.” “What I hear the most is memories; when people buy things, we always get a story about the person who is getting the thing, why they will love it, and how much they will love it.


For more info call the store directly – 504.522.2883 or email sales@Iheartmiette.com