Recycled Star Trek Spock 3-Fold Chain Wallet

$ 32.00

Product Details

This is a 3 fold wallet made from vintage Star Trek fabric featuring everyone's favorite, Spock! It has front snaps and a metal loop for a chain. Inside is a clear ID holder with an additional pocket behind in the center and on either side for credit cards, plus a bill fold behind. The lining is cotton canvas and the wallet is also lined in heavy interfacing for stability. The wallet measures 3 inches by 4 inches when snapped and 9 inches when stretched out. All the fabrics are recycled.

Care Instructions: My wallets are washable however, due to the plastic on the ID holder, please do not put it in the dryer! Once washed, lie flat to dry and then press flat with an iron on the OUTSIDE of the wallet. Main point to take: plastic+heat = a ruined wallet:(

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