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Rainbow Long Wig

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Everyone needs a rainbow wig for there magical festivities. 

Luscious long pastel rainbow wig designed by MintyMix. 


 Length about 29 inches from topmost root

Fringe length about 6 inches from top most root 

Circumference of wig net (inside of the wig): 23 inches -24 inches 

Wig has to elastic belts built in to shorten the circumference and tighten the band if necessary.

Fibers are heat resistant, but we do not recommend heat styling unless you have previous experience or professional help. Temperature range is 250-300 degrees F (120-150 degrees C) for hot irons, 160-175 degrees F (70-80 degrees C) for hot water. 

Wig Care:

To wash: Brush out straight/wavy wigs with a wig brush, and gently detangle curly wigs by hand. Fill a bucket with lukewarm or cold water and shampoo. Swish the wig around in the shampoo water for a few minutes. Don't forget to swish inside the cap too. Rinse with cold water. To dry, shake out gently and lay it on a towel to dry overnight. Do not brush or hang, do not use a hair dryer. When it's completely dry, run a wig brush or fingers through. The curls should be restored and frizz should be reduced!


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