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New Orleans Map Photo Cuff Bracelet

$ 34.00

Product Details

This metal cuff bracelet was created using a vintage 1930's New Orleans Louisiana map.

The colors are - red blue black and brown... with an overall beautiful soft sepia tone.

These bracelets are created using a unique dye process that fuses the ink into the surface of the aluminum. The end result is a scratch resistant, waterproof, extremely durable, glossy finished bracelet! 

SIZE - The bracelet measures - 1 1/2 inches wide and 6 1/2 inches around (17cm x 4cm) , making it ideal for both women and men.
The size can be adjusted with slight pressure and will fit most wrists comfortably.

Aluminum is hypoallergenic...lead and nickel free...won't tarnish or oxidize...and extremely lightweight.

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