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Lunar Butterfly Pin by Wildflower

$ 10.00


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Lunar Butterfly Pin by Wildflower

$ 10.00

  • Product Description

      Lunar Moth Enamel Pin - We designed this pin to capture the beauty & magic of the sky & as a sister to it's darker, midnight blue version (available separately). Intricately detailed with the 8 phases of the moon & twinkling stars set against bright white & aqua with glitter & metallic gold accents.

       * Materials: hard enamel, glitter & polished gold plating

      * Designed by & exclusive to Wildflower + Co.; logo on the back of pin

      * Metal “butterfly” clutch style pin back

      * Imported

      * Packaged on our pin card

      * Packaged on a card w/ instructions

       * Includes 1 pin

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